Beta 2

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If you encountering a "Unable to validate server" error, try clearing the cookies for your browser (you can just delete the one for

Internet Explorer 8 and User Account Control - mouselook fix

Shockwave Diagnostic Tool


Beta 1

When the game starts the mouse cursor will be locked to the window, press ESC or P to release the mouse cursor and pause the game.

The game now defaults to 3 bots (computer-controlled opponents), single-player game (Network Mode = None)
- if the game framerate is too low (FPS < 20), try reducing the number of bots
- if the game is too difficult, try lowering the bot skill or reducing the number of bots
- if you just want to watch, set the bot count to 2 or more and check the Spectator option
To change the number of bots, from the Main Menu, click Settings, click the Game tab, and set the Bots count

In spectator mode: SPACE = switch view, click+drag to orbit camera, cursor keys UP/Down/Left/Right = camera In/Out/Lower/Higher.

The network code is still a work-in-progress, so lag may be a problem in multiplayer sessions. For those running Public Internet servers, it is highly recommended that the Max Player setting be left at 4 (or less in some situations), unless you have a very fast uplink. LAN sessions can usually accomodate more players without too much trouble.

In network play, the "Q" and "P" (on a Client instance) indicate the relative performance of the network connection (queue length and message "ping" - not an actual packet ping). If Q starts getting consistently higher and P is over 400, then the gameplay experience will not be very good (player lag and teleportation problems). This usually happens if too many players are connected to the server. The Server's CPU, graphics, and connection speed determines how many players it will be able to support. I will come up with a way for the Server to see the network performance of each client (currently Q, P is not functional for the Server).

Game and Network settings are disabled while a game is in progress. Quit back to the Main Menu, then go to Settings to make changes.

During the Beta phase, each new build will clear previous user-saved Settings (sorry for the inconvenience).

For full-screen display under Windows, maximize your web browser before starting the game, otherwise the game may appear shifted on your display monitor. Full-screen may not work properly for multi-monitor setups.

For video cards with 64MB or less, or motherboard-integrated video controllers, performance can usually be improved by setting the Texture Quality (in Settings/Video) to Low or Lowest.

Activating the Console under low VRAM conditions may cause the game to switch to the Software Renderer. If this happens, changing and re-selecting the Renderer (in Settings/Video) usually corrects the problem. Otherwise you may need to reload the game in the browser.

Known issues:
Game freezing in Firefox 1.5
Network performance poor under Firefox
Not starting in Mac OS because of missing SWA component (the Full Installer will fix this)
Various collision problems
Various network messaging problems

Recommended for playback:
1.6 GHz or faster CPU
64 MB or greater video card
Internet Explorer 6.x (though many people report success with Firefox, Safari)
Macromedia Shockwave 10 (download here, or alternate)
Andrade Art's Enhancer Xtra (required for mouselook and fullscreen mode, more info here, and here )